Free Money

My  mom generally regards me as having poor financial management. Whether that is true is in the eye of the beholder. Part of what I have done in getting where I am financially is to take advantage of opportunities to get things for free.

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Quieter Updating

I tweaked the settings on the plugin that notifies Facebook, MySpace, and other sites that I have posted a new article. They should now only post new status messages when a post is published or updated. The notifications that a post is started or saved should no longer occur.


Over the past several weeks, I have been working at a full time job on the other side of the city. When you add the commuting time to the time at work, I am gone for about eleven hours of the day. When I return home, I can feel tired and just want to lay down. Something I have missed in this though is friendship.

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Deadlocks in Internet Explorer

I have been encountering deadlocks in Internet Explorer according to the Windows 7 Resource Monitor. More than likely, this is related to some sort of extension that I added recently that is not written correctly. Anyhow, I will be receiving Windows 7 Ultimate soon and will be reinstalling so it probably isn’t worth diving too much into debugging what is going on. The Analyze Wait Chain functionality is nice though for determining why a program is not responding.

Testing Status Updates

I installed a plugin to push status updates to Twitter and Facebook and so forth. This is a test to see if it is configured correctly. I decided I did not like this plugin.