Deadlocks in Internet Explorer

I have been encountering deadlocks in Internet Explorer according to the Windows 7 Resource Monitor. More than likely, this is related to some sort of extension that I added recently that is not written correctly. Anyhow, I will be receiving Windows 7 Ultimate soon and will be reinstalling so it probably isn’t worth diving too much into debugging what is going on. The Analyze Wait Chain functionality is nice though for determining why a program is not responding.

Tracking Down Memory Corruption

For some time now, Internet Explorer has crashed for me in sometimes random scenarios. Before you get to bashing Internet Explorer, the main culprit behind Internet Explorer crashing is some sort of plugin or add-on. Therefore, with each crash, I use WinDbg to attach to the crash and do an analysis to determine a most likely cause. With the guidance of what it reports, I instructed Adobe┬áReader to not open in the browser, removed the Upromise Turbosaver for now, and removed the Skype plugin for Internet Explorer. With those changes alone, the Internet Explorer stability seems to have improved. There’s still something more happening though.

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