Crazy Coincidence

A crazy thing happened last week. I added the iExist application to Facebook. The iExist application lets you enter a greeting that appears on somebody else’s profile randomly. My greeting asked "What did you dream of today?" The next day, I received a Facebook message. In that message, somebody told me one of their dreams. I replied to the person and we subsequently had a conversation. At some point a day letter, I felt like I was getting along with the person and decided to add them as a Facebook friend. I clicked on their name to go to what bit of their profile I could see at the time. I then clicked the "Add to Friends" link. The window that opened said a friend request was already pending. I was confused thinking maybe I somehow clicked that link twice. I then refreshed the page and that link was now "Confirm friend." I checked my e-mail and there was a friend request from the other person. We had essentially added each other as Facebook friends at the same time. It was weird.

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