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Recently, Facebook, a social networking site for students added a feature that showed brief happenings around facebook occuring with your friends. Many people are against this for privacy reasons. People do not seem to realize that this information is already available. Even if it is not available on Facebook, information can be obtained from different resources and put together. For example, I once needed to find somebody’s home phone number. That person did not have their home phone number on Facebook, but they had their address. I then looked up the person’s last name in the phone book. I did not know the person’s parent’s name, but I knew the address. I simply matched the Facebook address with the phone book addresses and found the right number. The world is networked people. Get used to it. The only way to keep information unavailable to other people is to not give it out. You can’t trust giving information to companies since they sell that information for whatever reason.
Additionally, if privacy is such a big deal on Facebook, then why do you have a grocery store card. All that happens there is that the grocery store pays you in discounts to collect information about your shopping patterns.

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