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Today, I attended the launch event in Indianapolis for Windows Vista, Office 2007, and Exchange 2007. As a result of attending the launch event, I have valid unused product keys for both Office Professional 2007 and Office Groove 2007. If you are interested in either of these, let me know, and I will pass along the product keys and download instructions.

There were two tracks I attended. The first track was the IT professional track. This track covered deployment of Windows Vista, new features in Exchange 2007, and deployment of Office 2007. In this track, the later talks were more interesting in my opinion.

The other track I attended was the developer track. I went to the launch event with a fellow student, so I had to leave early from it. However, it was definitely interesting.

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  1. I was wondering if the free software was a reality since they said "while supplies last". Happy to hear you actually got the software. I’m on the wait list for Detroit and registered for Chicago if Detroit doesn’t come through for me.
    I’m going back and forth about going – we’re getting ready to launch MOSS and I think it would be helpful to understand what new capabilities there could be for our company and the ‘synergy’ between MOSS and Office 2007. Is it your sense I would get answers for that type of question?

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