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Two years ago, I helped my school organize a World Wide Web conference entitled WWW@10: The Dream and the Reality. During that conference, I met several Web pioneers including Robert Caillau, Ted Nelson, and more. While that experience was great, more would come. Robert Caillau, Professor Pickett, and I were walking across campus from Hatfield Hall and I mentioned that we should create a center for Web history with the resources that had been unearthed in planning the conference. Little did I know that it would become a reality. Anyhow, Caillau mentioned that somebody had already gone around to most of the Web pioneers and interviewed them exhaustively and had subsequently disappeared. Consequently, Professor Pickett tracked down the person who had done these interviews and talked to him about making use of what had already been gathered. That person who had disappeared was Marc Webber, who ran webhistory.org. Last year, Professor Pickett got approval to begin a center for Web history at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and we have been looking for groups with which to partner since then. Even with the help in organizing the conference and the initial suggestion to have a center for Web history, I was never officially connected with the project; that is, until now. A few days ago, Professor Pickett extended membership to me with the work I had done and interest shown in finding other project partners and general interest in Web history. Check out the revived Web history project.

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