Why Isn’t Your Software Ready?

Today, I tried renting a video from CinemaNow. It seemed like things were working fine until I actually tried to play the video. It seems like CinemaNow doesn’t work properly on Windows Vista yet. I have asked for a refund of the rental amount as a result.

Here is the problem I have with incidents like this: Windows Vista has been developer ready for over a year. There are various prereleases that were freely available. There is no excuse for companies not being ready. Here is my message: Windows Vista is released. Windows Media Player 11 is released. Windows Internet Explorer 7 is released. Software needs to work on these now. It is true that public availability is not until the end of January, but these products were released in November. Businesses may already be running these products. Users that were in the beta programs for these products may already be running the released products.

I am no business person, but I cannot see how you save money by not making your product work on these systems. Instead, you waste money dealing with support calls wondering why your products are not working.

Get it together! Quality software development includes developing for the future. As I already mentioned and want to reiterate for emphasis, Windows Vista has been freely available in API stable state for over a year. There is no excuse why actively developed products are not working on them right now.

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