Dirty Jobs

One of the shows I enjoy watching is Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel. The host, Mike Rowe, travels around the country finding dirty jobs and does them. Watching the show, I have seen him inspect a sewer, stick body parts into body orifices determining animal gender, literally squeeze the crap out of chicks and dogs, and a whole lot more. What amazes me is that people do those jobs. There is no question that many of the jobs come with great health risk. I don’t know if it is intended as a joke, but many of the guests say it is okay because it is organic. I’m sure that is not correct. Bacteria are all natural and organic, and it definitely is not a good thing for a person.

In spirit with one of the show’s slogans, here are my thanks to the men and women of the world that make civilized life possible. I definitely would not want to do most of those jobs.

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