Glee is a show that recently started airing on Fox. I began watching it through Hulu, and I am finding it to be a nice series.

The premise of Glee is a teacher starting up a glee club in his school. The club starts very small but gradually grows. Along the way, there is plenty of dramatic character development.

As a fan of musicals, I particularly enjoy the many musical numbers. In every episode, there is at least one musical performance produced similar to a music video. I also like that the character development makes me really like or dislike certain characters. I think this can be a bit excessive though. I like the character of the teacher that started the glee club as well. He is hopeful and naive. He is also supportive and while life might sidetrack him at times, the students are a major focus for him.

At the same time, I’m not fond of the overall plot. It keeps me wanting things to be resolved and there to be a good ending. However, life has no good endings, just continuance. And similarly, a continuing series is a successful one in the eyes of a network most likely. I think the overall experience is too dynamic though. It changes too quickly. It’d be nice if there were some episodes where major back and forth plots did not occur.

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