Lunch is a pretty awesome meal. Breakfast is usually eaten either on-the-run or at home. Dinner is usually eaten with the family. Lunch, however, happens with business partners, coworkers, friends, and more. During various lunches, I have had the opportunity to meet some pretty cool people. I have had lunch with Michael Howard, one of Microsoft’s security experts; Larry Osterman, one of the people behind how sound works in Windows; and Dave Massy, responsible for the user experience of Internet Explorer. Outside of Microsoft, I have had lunch with Ted Nelson, credited with inventing hypertext; Paul Kunz, the first Webmaster in America; and Robert Cailliau, one of the Web’s creators and popularizers. In the future, within the computer industry, I’d like to have lunch with Bill Gates, cofounder of Microsoft. I actually asked about meeting for lunch when I interned at Microsoft, but I was turned down. I would also like to have lunch with Blake Ross, one of the creators of Mozilla Firefox; Mitch Kapor, creator of Lotus; and Dean Kamen, inventor of Segway human transporter. Reaching beyond computers and science, someday, I would like to have lunch with Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy; Chuck Norris, martial arts expert and actor; and Michael Jordan, athlete.

Lunch with some of these people may seem farfetched or unreasonable, but in all cases, I admire qualities in these people. Bill Gates is a shrewd business man. Blake Ross is entrepreneurial. Mitch Kapor has an interest in computer history and open source software while being part of both. Dean Kamen has come up with some pretty cool inventions. The more farfetched lunch interests also have qualities I admire rather than just wanting a chance to meet a celebrity. Hugh Hefner seems to have found a way to have a fun-filled life and still get the bills paid. Chuck Norris not only has great martial arts skills, he founded Kick Drugs out of America. Michael Jordan showed that amazing accomplishments can be made with hard work.

I have had lunch with some amazing people already in my life. I can’t wait to see with whom I will have lunch next.

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