For the majority of this fall as I’ve worked at Vontoo, I’ve eaten lunch at Bravo. I find it to be a restaurant providing excellent food, excellent service, and a nice price.

With each meal at Bravo, you get a receipt and like many receipts at restaurants, there’s an opportunity to take a survey. This survey doesn’t get you entered into any sweepstakes. It doesn’t give you a free ringtone. It doesn’t even give you a dollar off your next meal. It gives you $5 off your next meal. It’s not a one time thing. I have only paid full price once. Ever since then, I have gotten $5 off. Their lunch menu hovers around $8. I only pay about $3. At that price, I’m getting better food in a better atmostphere at a cheaper price than if I went to Hardee’s.

To do even better than $5 off each visit, you can sign up for their e-mail club and get a free appetizer just for doing so. They are also doing a lunch club deal where you get a meal free for every six meals. These deals largely aren’t exclusive either in my experience. They will give me $5 off and stamp the card. Recently, for not particularly clear reasons, they have been giving me free meals too. Twice now, I haven’t paid a cent for lunch and gotten food that adds up to being around $18 without any discounts.

Even with all that, I can still do better though I likely won’t pusue this with what little time I have left working at Vontoo. You can buy a $50 gift card and get a $10 card free. When you go frequently, that’s even more savings.

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