South Harmon Institute of Technology

I just watched the movie Accepted. The premise is that several students are rejected from traditional colleges. They proceed to form South Harmon Institute of Technology, what some might think of as a fake college. Its authenticity is challenged, and the students founding the school go before the board of eduction to make their case for accreditation. This reminds me of my own thoughts on education.

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Security Tools

Security is an interest of mine, so I wanted to describe some computer security tools I use. By no means does the use of these tools mean I am secure though. Security itself is more an attitude than a state. I recommend such books as Writing Secure Code, Second Edition if you want to get a good sense of software security practices.

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Tracking Down Memory Corruption

For some time now, Internet Explorer has crashed for me in sometimes random scenarios. Before you get to bashing Internet Explorer, the main culprit behind Internet Explorer crashing is some sort of plugin or add-on. Therefore, with each crash, I use WinDbg to attach to the crash and do an analysis to determine a most likely cause. With the guidance of what it reports, I instructed Adobe┬áReader to not open in the browser, removed the Upromise Turbosaver for now, and removed the Skype plugin for Internet Explorer. With those changes alone, the Internet Explorer stability seems to have improved. There’s still something more happening though.

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