Windows 7

Windows 7 is less than two weeks away from general availability. Is it worth getting? If you run Windows, of course it is. To run older operating systems is foolish because they are no longer supported and new development does not target them. Lessons Microsoft learns through programs like Windows Error Reporting and the Customer Experience Improvement Program go a long way toward not only improving Windows but improving it in areas that impact users.

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Plugin Musings

I’ve explored some WordPress plugins so far and have decided that a good plugin does one thing well instead of trying to do many things. If a plugin deals with adding keywords to posts, then that should be all it does. It should not deal with adding descriptions or anything else. This means I’m going to be more skeptical of using ‘all in one’ sorts of plugins in the future.

Medieval Times for Birthday

In conjunction with my upcoming birthday, I went to Medieval Times in Schaumburg, IL with the lady I’ve been seeing now for over a year. It was a decent time, and I’d say anybody should go once. I don’t think any of the upgrade packages are worth their price though. You get to go free in the month of your birthday, so that makes it more worthwhile.


I started talking to someone new online. She’s from California where I’ll be heading soon. I might even be meeting with her while I’m there. Anyhow, I’ve found her to be quite interesting. She talks quite a bit. She’s also quite flirty. Hard to tell how much of that is genuine interest or not. She seems to have a personality of incorporating what you tell her in her own story. I’ve always found that interesting in someone. Hard to tell what’s true and what isn’t though.

We’ll see where our interactions go. Will she be one that just disappears after a while or will she last?