Over the past several weeks, I have been working at a full time job on the other side of the city. When you add the commuting time to the time at work, I am gone for about eleven hours of the day. When I return home, I can feel tired and just want to lay down. Something I have missed in this though is friendship.

I am not a particularly social guy. I do not go to bars. I don’t even have much in the way of clubs. I generally don’t go to church either. The people I am generally around are my family, my coworkers, and my classmates. However, being a geek, I have found other ways to be social. Through sites like Facebook, I have made some wonderful friends. I met my current girlfriend online through facebook. I’ve come to realize that I’ve neglected those friendships lately.

My friends, even if they are online and I’ve not met some in person, are important to me. It is important to me that I am a good friend to them. For the past day and hopefully continuing on, I’ve tried to make more efforts to be in contact with friends.

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