Making Time

I find making time for various things a challenge lately. There are various things to do each day. During the summer when I didn’t have a job each day, I felt pretty good about getting tasks done. However, with working, I find it quite a challenge to which I am not rising.

The tasks I was managing to do during the summer on a satisfactorily regular basis include exercise and hygiene. I was consistently bathing and brushing my teeth each day. Prior to the summer, I had gone a long time without taking good care of my teeth and had gotten back on a good track. Since starting my current job, that has lapsed.

With each week, I get the week started good for a day or two, but by the end of the week, things have lapsed once more.

Exercise has lapsed as well, though weather has a part to play in that. I wake each day somewhere around 6:30 AM and have some bit of breakfast.┬áSometimes though, I don’t even feel like breakfast is worth eating. Shortly after 7:00 AM, my ride picks me up. It takes anywhere from a half hour to an hour to get to work. I usually eat pretty decent for lunch while at work. Then beween 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM, I get picked up and it takes another hour to get home. Throw in eating and a shower and that puts you into the evening when you just want to lay down.

Where do I fit in exercise? How do I keep myself motivated during the week?

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