My Financial Breakdown

I spread my money all sorts of places. I have the basic savings and checking accounts, but I also own stock and make loans to developing countries.

To go into more specifics, I started my checking account at Chase. I started with a regular Chase Checking account. However, as I gained the funds to do so, I openned a Chase Savings account. As my cash in those accounts accumulated, I upgraded them to the Chase Better Banking Checking and ¬†Chase Money Market Savings accounts respectively. Briefly, I had a Chase Certificate of Deposit as well. Outside of Chase, I have an E*TRADE Complete Savings account that has a little money in it that I openned to get a promotional offer. More usefully, I have an ING Direct Electric Orange Checking account¬†and an Orange Savings Account. The nice thing about the ING Direct accounts is that they give some of the highest interest rates and don’t have as many stupid fees.

In the credit card world, I started out with an Credit card. It was nice, but I really don’t do much purchasing on for the rewards to be very beneficial. When I openned my Chase banking accounts, I got a Chase Freedom Credit Card. It is nice because I can use it for both points rewards and cashback rewards. Additionally, because I have a Chase checking account associated with it, I get increased rewards. This is my primary credit card. I also have a few other cards openned for one reason or another, but my Chase Freedom card is the only one I regularly use. I just have all the accounts to automatically pay off in full.

Moving along, one of several unique account I have is a TreasuryDirect account. This allows me to purchase and redeem treasury securities as well as US Savings Bonds. I just have a few securities here as well as some treasury bills that just get repurchased. I also have an account through MicroPlace. MicroPlace enables me to effectively loan small amounts of money to individuals in developing countries for a small return. I also have a small amount with Kiva, but Kiva has not taken the steps to be approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission, so they do not provide returns.

As a perk of my credit card, many of my purchases have their warranties effectively doubled through the Visa Warranty Manager Service. This is without any cost from me. There is also accidental death insurance when I travel via public transportation paid for by the credit card. Beyond this, I also was able to receive a small accidental death policy through The Hartford via the credit card with nothing paid by me. I also have a Gerber Grow Up Plan that is now in my ownernship. Mom started it for both my sister and I when we were younger. Last year, I also got a term life policy from Genworth Financial.

The last things are the most recent. I have an individual account as well as a Roth IRA with ShareBuilder. Through these, I’ve purchased stock in Microsoft, Walmart, Chase, ING Direct, and a few mutual funds and other companies. These have done surprisingly well so far.

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