In the history of my relationships, it has been a slow journey. However,  I have now been with somebody for over a year. To most, she is know as Dianna, but for me she is Baishia.

Baishia at the Playground
Baishia at the Playground

 Baishia and I first talked in approximately April of 2008. We started talking online. She was from near Chicago. At the time, she was in a relationship with somebody else.

In the middle of that summer, I took a leap my mom certainly did not like. I purchased a ticket for a day trip to Chicago through Greyhound to meet Dianna. Dianna picked me up at the Greyhound station, and we spent about six hours together. For much of that time, we were on Navy Pier. We held hands, and I thought that was a wonderful feeling. In this trip, she was bashful in various ways, and that lead to my name for her: Baishia. Our relationship has since been such that it’s a bit awkward calling her Dianna for both of us.

Baishia and I were then apart until December of that year. In that month, I went to visit at the beginning of the break from school. This trip was a bit more interesting in various ways. I was a bit more nervous since I needed to figure out the Metra train system in Chicago to get from downtown Chicago closer to where she lives in the suburbs. At the time of this trip, she was still in a relationship with somebody else.

Though I felt that our relationship was going somewhere, I’ve never sought to break up another couple. We talked often about that, and I did my best to remain more of a good friend to her at the time. I did what I could to help her through the struggles of the relationship with the boyfriend at that time.

In January, some truths came out that confirmed some suspicions we had about her boyfriend, so that relationship ended. Since then, I have gone to see Baishia at least four times. Each trip is a unique experience. For a brief period, Baishia understandably tried being with someone closer to her. That relationship did not go anywhere, and Baishia has been with me ever since.

Baishia is very special. She doesn’t give up. I have never seen her give up. Life can certainly get her down, but she does not let life stop her. I don’t think I’ve been able to say that of any other person.

I am new to experiencing romantic relationships, but in all I have read about relationships and all I have seen of relationships, good communication is perhaps the most important factor. As part of that communication, honesty, openness, patience, and understanding are also necessary. Talking about issues is hard. Admitting faults is hard. I believe Baishia and I have a similar understanding regarding communication. Neither of us are the greatest of communicators, but we have the patience and understanding to make the conversation happen and to do our best to improve ourselves based on it.

I love Baishia, and I hope our relationship lasts and grows closer.

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