Value of a Post

Each night I think of something to post about. Sometimes that is a challenge. But why do it?

I have journaled in some form at various times in life. Each time has benefited me in some way, and that in itself is a reason to do it. I have some inspirations for why I write though. In my experience of writing, I learned to type. This was at a time late in high school as I recall. Something had always appealed to me about the idea of journaling. I had recently learned about the logging feature of Notepad in Windows. That feature is that if you start a text file with .LOG, Notepad will append the date each time you open the file making it ready for a new entry. I had also been learning to type. I set my mind to keeping a journal for a while, and I would write it using correct typing technique. The result is that I now type rather quickly and with fewer errors.

I recall from my last time I was keeping a blog that getting my thoughts out can help me sleep better. I think that still has merit, especially when done regularly.

Beyond those benefits, I think there is value in reflecting on the events of a day or the thoughts about an idea. How often do most people stop to take a look back? I don’t think it happens as often as it should. In writing, you also have to take the chaotic and disorganized thoughts and put them out in a more linear form. This helps to better organize thoughts and helps to better understand what actually is and is not known and felt about an idea.

I have one other inspiration to journal though. Those are in the form of the Myst series of video games and books. Throught that series, you find yourself reading the journals of various characters. Through them, you see how the character grew and developed. You see how the character felt about others. Just as I find it enlightening and entertaining to read those journals, I have found it interesting whenever I have looked back to read a journal entry I have written somewhere.

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