Improving the Experience

Since migrating to WordPress, I’ve done a few things to enhance the experience.

I have found and configured appropriate plugins to compress the content sent to browsers. This means that fewer bytes are being transmitted which saves time for you. I’ve also found a plugin that seems to work sufficiently to generate sitemaps for search engines to use in their crawl of my site. I also added a plugin that adds Google Adsense tracking code.

There are a few other plugins I’m in a search for. I want a plugin that let’s me put PICS labels on posts and pages. I want  a plugin that let’s me create a feedback form as I previously had. The plugin I tried so far didn’t really work. I’d also like a plugin that let’s me put ETags and Expiration headers on posts and pages. I also want to look into ways to recreate my resume. If anybody has WordPress plugin suggestions for these purposes, please let me know.

I also still need to update my theme in these ways:

  • Incorporate my logo.
  • Incorporate my font and color scheme.
  • Validate the CSS and HTML generated.

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