Migration to WordPress

I have migrated my site to WordPress. The reason is that I’ve been working with WordPress a bit lately at work and as a result see that WordPress provides the ability for me to more easily manage my site but also to have the same URL structure.

“What is that structure?” you might wonder. It is that I want my pages in a nice hierarchy without revealing the technology I am using. For example: I want a URL like http://example.com/essays/essay instead of http://example.com/essays/essay.php or http://example.com/essays?id=25. Having URL parameters is not aesthetically pleasing and makes it harder to migrate to another technology. Similarly, having any sort of file extensions in the URL prevents things like content negotiation from working and exposes the technology used.

In my previous website incarnation, I used flat files along with Apache’s content negotiation mechanisms. This was tedious though, so I rarely updated my site.

In using WordPress, I hope to more frequently update my site as well as move my blog here. My blog was previously ound at http://brantgurga.spaces.live.com/blog.

There is still more work to do to get it caught back up to where it was. I have a few more pages to recreate within WordPress. I need to correct the Permalinks to be what they were before. I then need to integrate things like Google Analytics again and theme the site my own way instead of the default way.

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